Weekend Wind Down

Happy Monday y’all! I had such a fun weekend. What started out as a weekend with no plans quickly filled up, and I ended up having lots of laughs and fun. On Friday we visited one of my faves Mossfire for dinner (ranch burger taco for life!!!!), and had beers at Marah Brewing in Riverside.Continue reading “Weekend Wind Down”

Becoming The Best Boss Lady You Can Be

I’ve worked at the City of Jacksonville for five years now, and my career has grown exponentially in that time. I definitely do NOT have all of the answers, but I do think there are some things I’ve learned along the way that can help you grow into the bad ass boss lady you wantContinue reading “Becoming The Best Boss Lady You Can Be”

Weekend Wind Down

As you all know I am still not spending, so some of my items are older items I’ve dug out of the closet. For those that aren’t still available, I’ve linked similar looks by the brands. All of my favorite looks are below!

What I’m Reading – July

I’ll be honest, I only heard of this book because I saw the movie pop up on Netflix. The movie looks cute, but I always like to read a book before I see a movie based on it. This is mostly because I like to see if my visions and ideas of the characters match the visions that play out on screen.

Summer Spending Detox

Working in finance I literally think about money, budgeting and smart spending ALL day EVERY day, yet it is still so easy for me to mindlessly spend my own money! Last month I really started paying attention to how much frivolous spending I was doing, and I was rattled. So rattled that for the monthContinue reading “Summer Spending Detox”

Weekend Wind Down

Happy July Y’all! Is it just me or is this year speeding by? I had a pretty great last weekend of June. I cheered on our USWNT in the World Cup Friday (on to the semi-finals!!!!), I ventured into Home Depot unsupervised Saturday and spent the afternoon with some of my girls, and I cheeredContinue reading “Weekend Wind Down”

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