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Monday Musings

Happy Monday Y’all! I do not have a Weekend Wind Down for you all today because honestly there wasn’t much fashion happening for me this weekend! Court and I had a pretty chill weekend complete with accomplishing some home projects and getting to snuggle one of the newest squad babies. We did get out yesterday to watch the World Cup Final, which was AWESOME!!!!

So this Monday instead of my favorite outfits from the weekend, I give you a few things that have me pretty excited this week!

USWNT kicked butt in the World Cup Final yesterday! I love this team of bad ass women and all that they stand for! What an awesome world cup this was! They’re a truly inspiring bunch.

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Yesterday marked one month until my birthday! I’m slowly learning not to dread aging!

I made it through the first week of my spending detox! Today is day 8 and I am holding strong on my zero fashion spending. I did go out a little this weekend, but less than normal so I feel good about it. Here is to holding strong for 23 more days!

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We got our guest bathroom all painted! By we I mean Court, but the new color is up and looking fabulous.

It’s time for redneck family vacation (at least that’s what I’m calling it) week! I’m looking forward to heading up to the Florida-Bama line this weekend to hang with family. There will be boating, Blue Angels and hopefully a trip to the Flora-Bama!

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I hope you all have a great week coming your way! Xo, Kat

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