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What I’m Reading – July

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I’ll be honest, I only heard of this book because I saw the movie pop up on Netflix. The movie looks cute, but I always like to read a book before I see a movie based on it. This is mostly because I like to see if my visions and ideas of the characters match the visions that play out on screen.

So, I decided to check this book out using my Libby app. If you live in a town whose library has e-books, I highly recommend seeing if they support this app. You enter your library card information one time and from there you can download books straight to your iPad, or which ever device you use. It’s awesome!

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This book focuses on three sisters who have lost their mother and have to rely on each other. It is written from the view point of the middle sister Lara Jean. She’s a smart, quirky girl who has only ever loved boys from afar, and each time she decides she doesn’t love them anymore she writes them a letter, addresses it to them and then throws it in her hatbox for no one to ever see.

I think this book is more geared towards young adults, but I still really loved it. It is written in a way that you feel like you are right in the thick of the story with Lara Jean. The chapters are short so it was an easy, quick read perfect for a day of traveling or a day by the pool.

I didn’t realize it when I started reading but it is actually a series, so naturally I downloaded the second book P.S. I Still Love You right after finishing this one. I can’t let a story go unfinished, so I needed to know what happens!

So far I am four chapters into the second book, and I’m still REALLY rooting for Lara Jean!

If you want a book that is full of all the raw, melodramic feelings we all felt as young teenage girls this one is for you! There were parts I laughed, parts I teared up and parts my younger self in a past life could totally relate too. All in all I definitely think it was worth the read!

Xo, Kat

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