Why I Love Pure Barre…

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It’s official y’all, I have hit my next milestone of 250 classes! That is over 208 hours of Pure Barre, and 375 minutes of planking!!!! When I first stepped through the doors of Pure Barre Tapestry Park, I was nervous. I didn’t know completely what I was getting myself into, but I figured I’d try a class or two and see what it was all about. And that was it, I fell in love!

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Before Pure Barre, my only source of exercise was running and I felt in shape, but I felt like I could use some toning. I barely survived that first class, I remember thinking that 7 minute warm up might literally be my last 7 minutes of life. I made it through though, and the more I go the stronger I feel. The studio is welcoming, the teachers are encouraging and I couldn’t imagine not going at this point!

So in honor of joining the 250 club, here are the top five reasons I love Pure Barre:

  1. The PB atmosphere is so encouraging! Whether you’ve taken zero classes or 250 the teachers always try to encourage you & push you to do your personal best. The focus is always on doing your best, not what the person next to you does. I always feel better when I walk out of a class than I did when I walked in.
  2. PB promotes strength not weight loss! The goal of Pure Barre is strength building not weight loss. With a lot of workout classes I’ve tried in the past the focus was always “slimming down” or “burning off dinner”, but with Barre the focus isn’t on being skinny, it’s on becoming a stronger, better version of yourself.
  3. I have never felt this good! When I first started Pure Barre, there were a lot of moves I couldn’t do. Each class was TOUGH. What I love is that each class is still tough, but I have gotten so much stronger than the day I started. I can do things I never thought I’d be able to, and I can actually see some muscles!
  4. The PB class structure is regimented, but each class is different! Any one who knows me knows I appreciate a good plan, so the fact that Pure Barre follows a set layout each class is my jam. Each class you know you have warm up, arms, thighs, seat & abs before a nice stretch. I love the segments because I can trick myself. If I make it through warm up & arms, then I can survive thighs. I also love that each teacher adds their own flair with different music & different routines for the different segments of class.
  5. My studio is FUN! I am very partial to Pure Barre Tapestry Park because the teachers are fabulous & our studio is just fun. There is always something going on at the studio from celebrating national wine day to Halloween classes. They work so hard to keep it fun and fresh, which makes it very FUN!
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If you’ve never tried a Pure Barre class, I highly encourage you too! I have found a strength in myself I didn’t know I had. It is 50 minutes of the day, to destress and focus on yourself. Here’s to the next 250!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Pure Barre…

  1. there is a Pure Barre right by my apartment & I’ve thought about joining but have been so nervous to be that the beginner in the class 😣 i never knew what to expect but this helps a lot!! I will definitely look further into it!

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