MY DIY Dark Carnival Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween week! It is no secret that I LOVE to dress up, so when I got the chance to do a dark carnival theme I went for it!

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I came up with my costume by thinking through the different types of things you see at a carnival, and the demented popcorn vendor was born. This was actually a super easy costume to put together!

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The main inspiration for my look was the popcorn, so I wanted that to be the focus. I ordered this Cigerette Girl Party Tray on Amazon. It was pretty simple to put together to serve as my popcorn tray.

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From there I used a hot glue gun and glued down the little popcorn containers I found at Target. Then I filled them with the plastic skulls (used two packs). I stuffed the bags with packing paper on the bottom to make them look more full of “popcorn”. I also used a sharpie after it was all done to add “Eat at your own risk!” to the front of the box.

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Next, it was time for the outfit! I already had a faux leather skort from Express & my fun sparkly boots, so I wanted to build from there.

I found my white & silver wig at Target. It’s actually a kids wig, but it worked perfectly. For reference, I have a BIG head.

My fun bodysuit (which I’ll definitely use again this season, and tights are from Amazon.

I changed my shoe look last minute for the sake of comfort to an old pair of star booties from Express. I found a similar pair on Poshmark.

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For my makeup I used an costume makeup sticks, along with my makeup & eye shadow palettes I already had.

I used liquid eyeliner to do my big cat-eyed line and face drawing. I also added black makeup stick around the edges of my lips to mix in with my red lip gloss for the perfect haunting shade of red.

I added my witchy lashes & press on nails, and just like that I was ready to haunt!

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I seriously had so much fun creepin’ it real in this costume! I was definitely ready to run off & become a carnie!

Hope you all have a frighteningly good Halloween! Happy haunting!

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