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My Experience With At-Home Teeth Whitening

When I was in fourth grade, I got braces. Obviously at the ripe, old age of nine I wasn’t the BEST at taking care of them. No matter how much my parents persisted I was still a stubborn nine year old that thought I had my oral care under control. The damage I did then still shows, and I’ve always been pretty self conscious of the dull calcium spots those days left behind. Take that through the adolescent years of being care free and enjoying soda and candy. Then continue on to adulthood where I’m starting my mornings with coffee and ending my evenings with wine. You get the picture, none of these things have helped the color of my teeth!

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There is nothing worse than seeing yourself in the mirror or in a picture, and thinking “my smile could be brighter”. So, over the years I’ve tried different whitening products. I’ve tried everything from brushing with straight baking soda to over the counter remedies mostly because professional whitening can be so expensive. These efforts have sometimes produced temporary results, but mostly left my teeth feeling sensitive and my gums hating me.

In comes Smile Brilliant… before even sending the at-home whitening kit they talked me through all of my concerns. Then they sent me a kit to make my impressions. To me this is the best part about Smile Brilliant. They send you whitening trays made from your own impressions. If you’re like me, then you’re teeth are not perfectly straight. Using these customized trays really helps get into all the unique areas of your smile!

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Once my trays were ready I started the process! All of the whitening syringes were plainly labeled and easy to use. You can wear your whitening trays anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours depending on your sensitivity level. I usually averaged around one hour a night. It really is so easy, I’d pop them in and watch a show or do whatever household chores I was working on that evening. After each whitening session I used the desensitizing gel, and I have had ZERO issues with gum or tooth tenderness. Warning: These trays are not sexy, and my husband did laugh at me!

I saw a HUGE difference in about two sessions. Let’s face it, I am never giving up coffee or wine so I’ll definitely be using this product again going forward. For under $200 you can’t beat the product or customer service that accompanied it!

Thank you Smile Brilliant for gifting me a whitening kit in exchange for my honest review. If you’d like to try Smile Brilliant use the code katsletterbox15 for 15 percent off!

GIVEAWAY: Do you want to try Smile Brilliant for yourself??? Use the link below to enter my giveaway! One winner will receive a full at-home whitening kit!  


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