How To Enjoy Your Weekend While Social Distancing

Once again the weekend is here, and we are still supposed to be social distancing. This has been such a strange time, and I hope that you and yours are staying healthy. It’s so easy right now to feel like we are missing out due to canceled trips, events or plans. I am finding that one way to feel less like this is to find activities to pass the time, and have fun in other ways!

So without further ado, here are my recommendations for entertaining yourself while staying home & practicing social distancing:

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1. Treat yourself to a “spa day”: Bust out all of those goodies you having laying around like nail polish, face masks, lotions, etc and treat yourself to some pampering. You’ve earned it! Maybe try a color you usually wouldn’t because let’s face it, if they don’t live with ya they won’t see it! Pour some champs & make yourself feel like the queen you are!

2. Do some spring cleaning: This is one is not exactly considered “fun” for most of us. However, this is the perfect time to tackle some of those cleaning projects we are normally “too busy” for. I have to say, I feel less overwhelmed about cleaning out closets and drawers when I know I have plenty of time on my side.

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3. Have a romantic dinner date at home: Get out those fancy dishes and set the table. My hubs and I almost ALWAYS eat sitting in the living room watching a show, so to us the dining room table is for special occasions. I set the table with our pretty dishes, got a bottle of wine & enjoyed a “date” right at home! If you aren’t into preparing a meal for said date, lots of places are still doing take out. Support a local biz by ordering to-go and plate it beautifully once it arrives! You can take this to the next level by getting dolled up for the date 😉

4. Create a fun pool or beach day: Locally around me the beaches are closed, and I live in a condo so our amenities are also closed. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these things though! I have a smaller inflatable pool that I am able to take outside and enjoy! You can set up beach chairs in your yard, or blow up a small pool or floats to make it seem like you’re having the real deal. Any kind of make shift water day will do the trick!

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5. Have a FaceTime, Skype or Zoom happy hour: My girlfriends and I did this last Friday evening and it was a huge hit! We all poured our cocktails and spent hours gabbing away, just as we would if we were out. We laughed so hard, and it was honestly just so good to see them even if it wasn’t IRL.

6. Get out and enjoy the weather: Here in Jacksonville we have had the perfect weather to be quarantined. It’s been perfect for evening runs, or going on walks, or just sitting outside and having dinner or a drink. For me being outside, especially barefoot outside, always has a calming effect, and seems to wash away the stress.


Whatever you are doing to entertain yourself during this time, try to keep your head up. Know that we are all in this together, and we are all feeling the fears and worries. Reach out to your support system, and know that this too shall pass.

Drop a comment below & tell me what fun quarantine activities you’ve been doing!

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