Real Talk – It’s Okay to Cut Toxicity Out of Your Life

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Hi babes! Do you have a person in your life that makes you feel annoyed, anxious or even downright sad sometimes? But no matter what negativity happens, you just can’t cut them loose? We’ve all been there! It’s not easy, but it is OKAY to cut toxicity out of your life!

I had a friendship long ago that was very one-sided, and I was constantly upset, let down or getting my feelings hurt. Let me be completely honest in saying it took YEARS for me to be okay with letting go, but I finally did it. I always kept telling myself, but we’re really friends why would I ditch her. It was really hard, but I finally faced reality and told myself that I would be happier without the stress and let go. Turns out I was.

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Marie Kondo Your Situation

Does this relationship spark joy? We get caught in these loops of thinking “we’ve been friends for 15 years” or “it’s my Mom”, but in reality toxic is toxic. Friends and family aren’t excluded from the ability to be toxic. Relationships are about balance. There will be times you don’t agree, but there should be happiness too. You should know you can depend on someone. They shouldn’t only be calling you when they need something, or causing you the type of stress that makes you ill. If you look at a relationship and see more bad than good, maybe it is time to let it go.

Think About Your Own Happiness

Society trains us that putting yourself first is selfish, but you have to think about your own happiness from time to time. A relationship that is draining your mental health is not making you happy. It’s okay to think about these situations, and put yourself first. Toxic relationships can really take grip of your mental health. It is not healthy to constantly have negativity pushed at you.

Be at Peace With Your Choice

Don’t let other people make you feel bad about cutting someone out. It’s not their choice, and it’s not their relationship. When someone is constantly bringing you down, constantly creating a stress or constantly stirring drama in your life, it’s your choice to cut that out. Toxic people usually don’t view themselves as toxic, so they may constantly try to change your mind. You’re making a choice to move forward with your own life and that is okay. It is okay to forgive and not forget, and to move on.

We all deserve better than to endure constant negativity. If that is what you’re situation feels like, just know you have the right to give it up!

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