4th of July Dresses & Rompers You Will Want to Wear All Summer

I LOVVVVVE a sundress for Summer! I especially LOVVVVVE a sundress for 4th of July! Light, flowy dresses, or rompers, are perfect for 4th of July because you want to look cute, but you don’t want to sweat to death.

I like to keep my dresses simple for the 4th & dress them up with fun accessories & shoes. Selecting a simple dress also gives you more chances to re-wear for different occasions!

Florida is hot, hot, hot! So, I look for lightweight fabrics and fabrics that won’t show too much sweat when shopping for summer dresses.

These dresses are my top picks for the 4th, and honestly your entire summer.

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No matter what your 4th of July plans, any of these styles is sure to slay! Drop me a line & let me know which style is your favorite.

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