Easy DIY Easter Bunny Earrings

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Need a last minute pair of earrings for Easter Sunday? I’ve got you! These super easy “bunny butts” as I’ve been calling them will only take you about 10 minutes to make.

Below you will find the supplies I used, and a step-by-step guide:

Supply List:

  • Cricut Air Explore 2 – *Note – Cricut says to use deep blade with foam, but my regular fine point blade set at more pressure did just fine!
  • Craft foam (colors of your choice). I used this brand from Joann’s.
  • Iron-on Vinyl (white glitter)
  • Earring Making Kit. I have this one & it’s A LOT of bang for your buck!
  • Bunny SVG. I used this free one from Caluya Designs. I added holes for earring hook in Inkscape, but you could always just use a small hole punch after your design is cut!
  • Hot glue gun-glue (if you want to layer multiple colors).
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Step One:

Load SVG File into your Cricut app, and cut two bunnies & two bunny tails.

Step Two:

Weed out bunnies & bunny tails.

Step Three:

Iron-on bunny tails to bunnies. I set my Cricut EasyPress Mini on the second heat setting. Then, I rubbed it over the tail until it was hot enough to transfer. I didn’t do the traditional method of pressing down because the iron will make marks in the foam.

Instead of using iron on, you could also use glitter foam and hot glue the tails on.

*At this point – I chose to layer three different colors to make a thicker earring. I used my hot glue gun to layer them together.

Step Four:

Add earring hooks. I use my hubby’s Leatherman tool for this part. He doesn’t like to share, but it works PERFECTLY!

Step Five:

Wear & feel festive AF!

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Make sure to tag me in your creations! I hope you all have a very happy, blessed Easter weekend!

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